"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place."
-- Unknown

Monday, December 15, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

I saw a “Countdown to Christmas” sign yesterday that informed me there were exactly 11 days left until the 25th. Really? I mean I guess I knew that – but seeing it in big green and red font with flashing colors really made it official.

I guess it’s hard to feel Christmasy when the temps are expected to reach the high 70s this week. I could be wrong, but I don’t think the elves wear t-shirts and flip-flops while they’re making toys. Isn’t it supposed to be cold by now? Technically, I guess it’s summer for some folks, depending on where they live and all, but here, in the U.S., isn’t it supposed to be cold?

I did do some traditional Christmas things this weekend that should have really put me in the spirit. Saturday night I went to see the Nutcracker. For a small town, I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the production. Who knew so many people would turn up for a ballet? The senior company was really good and they brought in a few dancers from Montgomery and New York. It was a nice change from the bon fires and dirt roads that make up a normal Andalusian Saturday night. (Just sayin’.)

Yesterday, Kevin and I went to Destin to finish some Christmas shopping and celebrate our birthdays. We ate entirely too much at McGuire’s, then he treated me to a couple of grown-up work outfits. He was so sweet and patient walking around the stores. And I had no idea he was so fashion forward. He was picking out outfits, y’all. He went all Clinton Kelly on me, matching things up. I was kind of shocked.

While it was a lot of fun, shopping is still a little frustrating. I know all you short folks who read this can identify. Why do they make pants for women who are so dang tall? And shirts… don’t get me started on shirts. If you have any chest at all, finding a good fit up top almost certainly means it won’t fit around the waist. It will hang there all baggy, looking like a potato sack. I’m going to start designing clothes for women shaped like me. Everyone who’s not can shop somewhere else. It’s going to be called “Short and curvy” or something catchier when I’m feeling more creative. Anyone want in? There have to be more people built like me out there than there are stick-thin giants. Right? I think so.

Anyway, enough of that. I’m off my soap box.

For now.


Diane said...

First, happy early/belated(?) birthday!!

Second, you live in Alabama... it's not supposed to be cold in Alabama. Duh.

Third, when you wrote 'senior company', I totally pictured 70-year-old ladies in tu-tus ;)

Fourth, I'll open my store next door... it'll be the "Perfectly Round" shop. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Ok, know your gonna get me started. Being 5'9 the tall is too long and the average is too short. Where's the in between. I mean if I buy average they fit one time then they start to shrink, then I look stupid becuase it looks like I'm waiting on a flood. Tall drags the floor. Happy early B'day.

Love Aunt E

Jessica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm not sure if I'm early or late or just on time, but either way.. I hope you enjoy/enjoyed it!!
I feel your pain on the weather situation. I was just informed by the weather man that it'll be in the mid 70s all week. I'm really not feeling that for Christmas. I guess if i'm even going to get my dream come true of a white Christmas I'm going to have to move out of SC.
I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU on the short and curvy shop!! I deal with the same things. I wish I could just find a certain line that fits perfectly and never have to try anything else on again!

Mel said...

Reading this made my lunch much more enjoyable, so thanks for that!

I'm totally in on Short and Curvy! So many people would appreciate it! Just let me know what you need me to take care of and I'll be all over it!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Just hemmed 3 pair of pants last week. (why are they called a pair of pants when it's actually only one item?)

Looking forward to the weekend, should be all Christmas-y inspite of the weather, with the TSO concert and multiple b- days to celebrate.

Aunt E, never knew you had length issues too. I always wished I had a couple of your inches - how can sisters differ by 5 inches?

Jenners said...

OK...happy late birthday!!!

What a lucky girl to have a boyfriend who can help pick out clothes for you! Maybe he has more undiscovered talents!!

And I would totally shop at your store! I am 5' 2" and I have (how shall we say this delicately) about a 38DD bra size! So I have quite a few problems -- short, stumpy and voluptouus does not a good size make!

Heather said...

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes!! You didn't miss it yet — it's Friday, the 19th!! No biggie, though. Nothing special about 24. Next year I'll start saving money on my car insurance. That one will be fun.

Bethany@MyLifeinBlack&White said...

Yep, I have two pairs of pants hanging in my closet right now that are too long to wear even with my highest heels. Since I can't sew, getting them hemmed seems like an unnecessary headache.

Anonymous said...

I'll be shopping at Diane's store. :)


Lacey said...

I can relate to the clothes thing. I'm "average" I guess, but I'd really, REALLY like to find a single pair of juniors pants that don't show my butt crack everytime I sit down. (Was that too much information?)

Additionally, I would like to have an isle in your store for shoes. Narrow shoes. Like, AAAA-narrow shoes. Because my feet are insanely skinny, and I haven't been able to find a single pair of heels that fit EVER. (When both feet can slide into one shoe, you have issues walking, believe me.) Stores carry wides, they even have extra wides, but never ever narrows! Pfffffft.

And lastly, happy birthday tomorrow!!!