"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place."
-- Unknown

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time for a confession

Today, I come before you to confess an unhealthy habit, a strange new obsession – a guilty pleasure that I can no longer keep to myself.

I’m addicted to trashy TV.
Currently, I’m fixated on Rock of Love Bus. Yes, the girls are tacky and dress like strippers, drink too much and get into fights, but it’s like watching a train wreck. I just cannot look away. They’re annoying and petty and stab each other in the back multiple times a day. It shouldn’t be funny, but I think I shed tears of laughter every time I watch.

This is not my first offense. I’ve religiously followed several trashy reality shows – all of the Flavor of Love and I Love New York seasons, not to mention the past two seasons of Rock of Love. On all of these shows, numerous catty women lived in a mansion together, forced to stay three or four to a room, where their tempers flared. Weaves were pulled out, drinks were thrown – and of course, there was the loogie heard round the world.

But, what if you take those girls and put them on a tour bus for an entire season? Closer quarters will surely mean more tension, right? That’s the genius behind Rock of Love Bus. On the first day, the crazy Brazilian chick strangled the stripper girl (I’m not stereotyping here. I actually think that was her job before the show.) Makes for great TV. (Or, really, really terrible TV. Take your pick.)

I’ve yet to figure out why girls keep auditioning for this crap, unless it’s really just an underlying need to make themselves look like giant hoe-bags on national television. I guess some of them really think if they win the affection of Bret Michaels, they’ll live happily ever after. Hello. Newsflash here: There have been two other seasons and the “winners” have not wound up with him!

But that’s okay girls. Keep auditioning. I love the laughs.


Lacey said...

I got caught up in the very first Big Brother season, like to the point where I scheduled EVERYTHING else around the show. Since then, though, I steer clear of reality TV! I know what will happen if I don't, haha.

(I admit though, every time I'm channel surfing and come across one of the "catty ho" shows, I HAVE to stop and watch. For like 5 minutes. Because it's just to awful to NOT watch, you know?)

Diane said...

OK, my little confession is that I used to think Brett Michaels was hot. Now? Not so much.

Anyway, here is where our sisterly similarities diverge. My idea of reality TV is HGTV. Those people are real. And they're nice. Most of the time. At least I'VE never seen hooker-clad girls bitch-slapping each other on House Hunters. Other than that, I don't think I've ever watched more than one episode of ANY 'reality' type TV (other than Real World, back in the day... and by 'back in the day', I mean when it had people on it who are now grandparents). I take that back... I think I've seen about 3 episodes (not seasons) of American Idol. I figure I have enough reality (and trash) in my own life. I don't need ANYONE else's.

Now, if they did a show where they were, oh, I don't know, auctioning off Gerard Butler (or Clive Owen), not only I would watch, I'd probably audition for the thing!! Don't judge... we all have our price, missy!

Dan said...

I almost watched an episode yesterday. Fortunately, I was saved by an old Robin Williams movie.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really a reality t.v. person (other than American Idol, it that is considered one). However, I did come across an interesting one on VH1 the other day. They had a few "use to be Teen Idols" including a couple of guys from Baywatch, a couple of guys from 90210 and the guy that played Johnny in Grease2. The show is suppose to help them decide of they have the desire and drive to do what it takes to get their careers going again. I couldn't help but watch. I even set the recorded to catch the next one.


Jen L. said...

You understand that Idol starts tonight, right? We may have to call each other.

Diane, I LOVE HGTV! That and Playhouse Disney are all we watch. Until LOST comes back, that is. :)

Mel said...

Well, we wrote about the same thing today! It's very wrong to want to see the next episode right after the one you're watching now ends, isn't it? Well, at least for this show, anyway. Who do you think he kicks off the show next week when he yells at them? Oooh! Can't wait! Sadly!

meredith said...

Somehow I knew, I KNEW we should be friends when I met you at Dean's birthday party! I heart Reality TV and I watch it all! Big Brother, Amazing Race, ALL the VH-1 shows. I have also religiously followed the previous seasons of Rock of Love. Something about shows like that make me feel genuinely better about myself. Ooh, and this millionth season of The Real World is the best yet! I even got my husband to watch it!
Hope to see and or talk to you again soon!
P.S.-I'm a big reader too! I keep a book journal (I know, nerdy!!)

~Meredith (Jen's Best Friend)

meredith said...

Oh and remember the girl on Flavor of Love 2 who just couldn't quite make it to the bathroom? Ah, Reality TV, the best boost for self esteem!

Jenners said...

That is so funny that you and Mel wrote about the same thing! I guess the new season just started! I'll tell you what I told her: I had to go cold turkey on shows like this after watching too many seasons of The Surreal Life.

It is like watching a car wreck. Those women are just bizarre looking and have no sense of pride. I watch The Soup on E with Joel McHale (my secret crush) and he mocks this show all the time. Don't you feel like taking a shower after watching it???

hebba said...

Rock of Love is the funniest show on television. Nothing on any Simpson's episode comes close to Bret Michaels and his fake hair, his corset, and his busload of skanks. (best line of the nite: "I don't know what was worse; that her family heirloom was a $2 bill, or that she gave it to me")

Anonymous said...

Ok, I admit I also go hooked on watching Rock of Love, after the 2nd season, I decided that Brett Michaels will never be able to leave his rocker lifestyle and settle for just one chick. Besides, Brett is washed up. He's doing commericals for Time Life Music. You know your washed up at that point.

Aunt E