"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place."
-- Unknown

Monday, January 12, 2009

My wild and crazy life

So, I know I haven’t posted much lately. I don’t know what the deal is. I’m usually so chatty. I just don’t have much going on to gab about.

Instead of any sort of structured post, I’ll just update y’all, bullet-point style:
  • Friday night I rolled over in bed to find a disgustingly warm, gooey surprise. Apparently Toby got sick but was too lazy to get off the bed. Incase you’ve never had the pleasure of waking up with your hand in a pile of dog puke at 3 in the morning, let me assure you – you’re not missing much. YUCK. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much the rest of the night.
  • Saturday started with good intentions — I was going to get all of my chores done and FINALLY take down my Christmas tree. (Don’t judge me. It’s still up. I don’t know why I keep putting it off!) Instead, I read about half of a book and hung around the barn with Kevin, his dad and all of their horses. Productive, right? I know.
  • So, Sunday started with good intentions… sound familiar?? I went to church and came home to do chores. Two loads of laundry in, I got distracted by the second season of House, which I was watching on DVD. Four episodes later… what laundry? Yeah, I should probably finish that tonight.
  • I found out that I’ll be headed to Arlington for a week in March for a conference, and I’m pretty stoked. I know it’s a business trip and I’ll be in meetings for half the day, but I’m flying up a couple days early and coming home a day late, so that leaves plenty of free time for exploring Arlington and the D.C. area. Annnnnd, if I’m lucky, I might be meeting a very cool bloggy friend in real life. *Ahem* Diane…

And that, my friends, is it. I know my life is full of exciting twists and turns. “Will she read a book today?? Watch House?? Ooooh, maybe she’ll do laundry!”

My life is so fast-paced - I know you must be exhausted from trying to take it all in.

I’ll let your brain rest for now.


Anonymous said...

That's why my little pal Toby is required to sleep in his kennel while here at g-ma's house - I would have FREAKED if that had been my bed.

I'll trade stripping wallpaper for doing laundry, that's how I spent my weekend.


Mel said...

At least you went places. I realized when I started my car this morning that I hadn't been in it since Friday when I got home from work! I was saving gas...yeah, that's it! And, Diane told me about your little trip. Maybe you'll meet two bloggy friends (I couldn't add cool there because I'm just not) if I can break away from work, or else I said that you guys would have to call me and leave the phone on speaker while you ate.

Diane said...

First, Mel's right... she's totally not cool. She's SO dorky, she makes normal dorky look cool. I, however, am cool. So very cool. And you WILL be meeting me, if I have to walk to DC! Dates... times... need 'em when you get 'em!

I have this interal alarm that sounds as soon as my dog is about to puke. Don't know how it works, but I'm thankful it does. At the first heave, I fly out of bed and find SOMETHING to put under him. Sometimes, though, if I've been sleeping hard, I trip getting out of bed or I'm still disoriented and can't find anything except the pants I took off earlier, so I've had to clean up my fair share of ick... but I don't think I've ever rolled over in it. Super ick. If it makes you feel better, though, Ryan has only thrown up a handful of times in her whole life... and every time (bar one), she has thrown up ON me. In the Bahamas, in the VIP room of the Hilton, she barfed right down my sweater. It was lovely. So I do feel your pain.

What a lovely comment. Sorry. Oh, and I haven't forgotten about your interview questions. I've just gone brain dead... I'll get them to you soon.

Jen L. said...

I love a good bullet-point post. EW dog vomit. Any vomit, really.

That is cool about your business trip! What are your dates? Let me know--I'll make sure you have Marcus's parents' number in case you need anything! (They live in the area)
That would be SO cool if you got to meet a bloggy friend! I want to go to Blog Her in Chicago this summer.

Jessica said...

LOVE your background!!!

so sorry about the puke. I don't really know what to say about that. But I'm even more sorry that I lol'd when I read that. yeah.. sorry.

And I'm DYING for a weekend like that. You have no idea. I PLAN to make this one pretty low key.

And if it makes you feel any better at all... i'm midway through laundry as well. Half of it is stiilll laying out on our living room floor. Some in the dryer bc I don't feel like folding it. A little more still in the hamper bc I ran out of fabric softner.

Dan said...

Not sure which is worse - the hand in the warm gooey stuff or the step in warm chunky stuff on the way down the hall with no lights on.

Hopefully it was just a one time thing.

Jenners said...

How disgusting to wake up with dog vomit in your bed! Yuck! My brother once ate a bunch of red licorice and got up in the night and threw it up and went back to sleep in it and my mom found him in the morning with red liquid all around his head and thought he had hemorraghed!

I think your weekend sounds relaxing and what weekends should be.

And I hope you get to meet Diane! That would be soooooo cool!

And if you have nothing to write about, I'm here to be of service because I've just tagged you for a cool meme at my book blog. The link is here if you are interested. If you don't want to do it, that is fine too!


hebba said...

I got one worse: my parent's dog used to wake me up by licking my face when I flew in for a visit. He'd be so excited I was home that after waking me up, he'd puke on my pillow. Every. Single. Day. Oh, I miss that dog!
I'm so jealous you're meeing Diane!