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-- Unknown

Monday, February 2, 2009

An upcoming play date

Meet Ozzie. Ozzie is just over a year old and currently living at a shelter in Florida. Ozzie needs a home. He's lived nearly his whole life without a real family.
I think he and Toby are going to have a play date later this week to see how they get along. No commitments until we're sure this time. (Everyone remembers the Skippy incident, right?)
The owner of the shelter says Oz is already house broken and leash trained. He's been "altered" (doesn't that sound horrible?) And he's current on all of his vaccinations.
All he needs is me.
Mom, I know what you're thinking. But seriously... how long have I been talking about another dog? You think I'm going to just give up? Do you know me???
Anyway, for now I'm being cautious, weighing the pros and cons and waiting to see how Oz and Toby get along. If things go smoothly, Oz will be one less dog looking for a home.
By the way, if you're looking for a new pet, check out PetFinder.com. There are SO many sweet little things out there that need a loving place to live.


Anonymous said...

First it was skip.Then the black lab.Then the Golden Retrievers a couple of nights ago and now this.He is cute but I would suggest getting alot of facts to make sure he is friendly with other dogs.

Jessica said...

But then you'll be known as the crazy lady on your street chasing two dogs down the road. And you know they'll make you do it. They'll be up all night planning the perfect way to slip right out of that door and they'll be laughing all the way down the street as you're chasing them in your pj's!

Jenners said...

Hmmmmm...you went from Ozzie to Oz in just a few sentences. I am sensing an attachment forming already. I hope it works out for you ... but two dogs is a LOT more work. At one point, I actually had two dogs and four cats. Never again. I'll be interested to hear how this plays out!

Lacey said...

You do realize that your stubborness... er... dedication... earns you a T.R.A.S.H. logo, right? Right?!?!

I hope he gets along with your pup! He looks absolutely adorable. :D

hebba said...

Oh, a friend for Toby! I WANT A DOG!

Mel said...

I love petfinder! I like how you can take that little quiz about what you're looking for and they can tell you what kind of dog would be best for your lifestyle and expectations.

I think the Skippy post was the first time I left you a comment!

Good luck with Oz!

Diane said...

I don't know how I missed a bunch of posts today!

He's a cutie. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it works out. Though I've only got Sundance now, I had 2 cockers (Shandy and Tucker) for 12 years... two are no more difficult than one! Really!