"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place."
-- Unknown

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What really irks me

All of this week’s writing prompts from Mama Kat seemed like a lot of fun, so I had a hard time narrowing it down. I really wanted to write about waking up with amnesia in an igloo with four dollars, a rock and a toothbrush, but after much thought, decided my creative juices just aren’t flowing strong enough today.

So instead, I will share 10 of my absolute worst pet peeves:

  1. The feel of cotton balls — Okay, I don’t know if this is a pet peeve, or more like a really strange aversion, but I HATE the way cotton balls feel. I know it sounds weird, but just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. There’s something about the texture that makes the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up. And it squeaks. Have you ever heard it? Ahhg…I’ve never met anyone else who is as freaked out about cotton as I am! Hey, don’t judge! I’m not as psycho as I sound.
  2. The sound of grinding teeth — Kevin grinds his teeth sometimes and it drives me nuts. We’ll be sitting there watching TV and I'll hear him start. In my head I see the damage he’s doing to his molars and I cringe.
  3. Traffic — I touched on this one in my last blog. I HATE IT. I have often been told that patience is not my strongest quality. When I want to go somewhere, I want to go. Not sit still for twenty minutes on the interstate or get stuck behind someone driving 25 in a 55.
  4. Prejudice — I know this a big jump from traffic, grinding teeth and cotton balls, but on a very serious note, I don’t understand how you can judge someone based on your own preconceptions. All-in-all, we’re not that different. We all want to be healthy, happy and loved. People can be so cruel.
  5. Ignorance — Now, an ignorant person is not the same as an unintelligent person. Some people learn on a different curve. I understand that. What I don’t understand is someone who never tries to learn; someone who walks around blind to everything but their own interests. That fires me up!
  6. Dog hair — Again, I LOVE Toby. But enough with the shedding already!! Pretty, chocolate-brown sheets, meet a barrage of white dog hair! AHG! Last time I went to see Dr. Jones (the vet), he informed me that because Toby is a terrier mix, he will probably shed year-round. Something to do with him being hyperactive. (No…not Toby! Hyper? You don’t say.)
  7. The alarm clock — Enough said.
  8. “Oh my gosh, guess what? Oh, nevermind, I shouldn’t tell you.” — DO NOT DO THIS (or any variation of this)!! It will drive me up the wall. Don’t start a story or a statement then decide not to tell me. It’s not in your best interest. I will hound you non-stop until you are so annoyed you tell me whatever it was you almost said to start with.
  9. Commercials that get REALLY loud — You ever been watching TV and suddenly been deafened by the volume of some local commercial? It’s annoying. In my advertising class in college, I learned that they do it on purpose, to catch your attention. Well, guess what? It worked. And now I don’t want whatever you’re selling because you just made me spill my drink everywhere.
  10. Talking through movies If I’m watching something I’ve never seen and someone near me is blabbering on about something, it ticks me off. For some reason I get obsessive about catching every last syllable of a movie or TV show, like some key word or phrase is going to be missed, causing me to not get the full experience. I use the rewind button like no one’s business. Sometimes I’ll watch one scene five times if I feel like I missed something. I know, I have a problem. But I’m admitting it. I hear that’s the first step.

    I know most of my pet peeves are trivial, but I guess that’s the point. They’re the little things that get under my skin and drive me crazy. And for all of you that know me: you better not start rubbing cotton balls in my face or saying, “Oh, nevermind!” just to get a rise out of me! Spitefulness is one of my unlisted pet peeves. Just remember that! :)


angie said...

Hopped over from Mama's house. Great list!

Diane said...

Aaaaaggggghhhhh... we have all the same peeves (clearly I have an awful lot of peeves, as there are 9 more on your list that I left off mine!). The whole cotton ball thing isn't a BIG issue (though I don't like that weird 'squeaky' sort of feeling you can get from them. Oh, but my friend Todd always does the, "I have something to tell you but I don't have time now," or "I'll tell you when I see you," or "It's too big for IM or email," or something like that. It drives me friggin' INSANE.

Anonymous said...

Heather, I need to tell you something, oh, I better not, well, I'll just wait till you come home tomorrow...


Jessica said...

I haven't finished reading your blog. I just got really excited because I CANNOT stand the feel or even thought of cotton balls either!! It gives me chills like no other and everyone thinks i'm so strange. Add that to our list.

Kelly said...

Dog hair is on my list as well. Go check it out! I have admitted defeat! Iwill never own white sheets, or white duvet cover as long as my 70lbs. black lab is still with us!

Jessica said...

Ok. I'm finished with the whole thing. I still can't get over the cotton ball thing. I respond exactly the same way to them and I've never met anyone else who does. I'm glad I'm not alone :) That was fun. I'll be doing this same post later! I bet it felt good to get that off your chest!

Anonymous said...

Ok, let me just say about the traffic...it's not your fault it's in your genes. It's a Reed thing. They use to call me triple R. Road Rage Reed. Some people just don't need to be on the road. ;-)


Mel said...

That was a great list! Having been caught in slow-or-non-moving traffic with Diane several times, as well as being the recipient of phone calls from her while she was caught in traffic, I can attest that it is ABSOLUTELY a pet peeve you guys share! :)

Kelly said...

Ok I have to do it
Sorry, I know LSU is not the best this year, but only because we a playing Bama this Saturday and yes, I am going to be at the game!

Jen L. said...

Cotton balls, huh? I haven't heard that one. I'll be sure not to leave any lying around while you're visiting.
I hate it when people don't put the twist tie back on the bread. That makes me maaaaaaad.
Ask Marcus about ice cube trays. :)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Wow! From prejudice to cotton balls! You sure covered the whole range!

Jen L. said...

Y'all--I just witnessed the cotton ball thing. It's pretty remarkable. Keep them away from her.

Mama Kat said...

Cotton balls!!!! yuck! Good one...especially some kind of thick cottony material fresh from the dryer. Aaaack.

Diane said...

Award at my place... come get it :)

Surprised Suburban Wife said...

SO WITH YOU ON COTTON BALLS. Ditto for those make up removal pads. They make my skin crawl.