"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place."
-- Unknown

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not for the squeamish...

I picked Maverick up from the vet yesterday and got some heartbreaking news: the poor puppy has heartworms. I have to take him back in two weeks to have his wounds reevaluated and we’ll discuss treatment options then. Thankfully I have a wonderfully supportive family that has been very generous in my efforts to get Mav healthy. My dad and stepmama have helped fund this initial visit (THANK YOU!!) and my mom and stepdad have offered to help with the heartworm treatment (THANK YOU!!) I’m so glad I come from a family that understands and shares my love for animals. You guys are awesome!

The vet gave me two weeks worth of oral antibiotics that I have to give him twice daily, as well as a solution that I have to dilute with water. Each day I have to fill a syringe with the mixture and flush out his wounds. Thankfully Mav is a really sweet, laid-back dog and he’s been very good at taking his treatments so far.

He and Toby have gotten along splendidly. They play (and nap) together quite well. I’ve yet to introduce him to Ollie – I don’t think he has any experience with kitties, so I’m keeping them separated for now. In fact, as much as it breaks my heart, Ollie may be going to live with a friend of mine pretty soon. She’s about to move into a new home by herself and I think the company would be good for her. And with two dogs (one wounded and one just plain retarded) I think I’m going to have my hands full.

Now – if you’re at all squeamish, please discontinue reading. I’m about to post a few pictures of the damage to Maverick’s neck and side. You’ve been warned.

This first picture isn't so bad. If you look closesly, you'll see some old wounds that the vet found when he was doing his physical. Apparently he’d been bitten before and received no care then, either. These aren’t nearly as bad as whats on his neck.

Now, here’s the really sad one. You can see the two wounds, with the bottom one obviously being the worst.

I know I’ve said it before, but I just DO NOT understand how people can let their dog get hurt like this and not do something about it. You better believe that if Toby were to get chewed up, I’d be rushing his little butt to the vet so fast it’d make your head spin. If the office was closed, I’d be calling the vet at home and telling him to get to the clinic ASAP.

Anyway, despite the pain that he has to be in, Maverick remains in good spirits. His tail wags constantly and his tongue is permanently hanging from his mouth. He’s such a good-natured goof.

How can you not love this face?


Jessica said...

you, my dear, are a saint!! I don't know how you do, but i'm sure glad there are people out there like you who do!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

breaks my heart that people can let that happen and just not care....makes you wonder about the bogs those people have!! Anyway again I say Im so glad that Mav has you and your family...hes going to have a good life now!!

Trudy said...

Thank God for you Heather and yes, thank God for your loving parents and step-parents who are all willing to contribute their time, money and love to Maverick's health and healing. I'm so thankful this poor guy has a loving home to call his own now!

sherri said...

You're an angel Heather. I hate this for this dog, but so glad you have found each other. And that your family is supportive too.

scarlethue said...

Right now you're one of my favorite people on earth!

Heartworms are nasty things. Without a monthly heartworm preventative pill, dogs down here are pretty much guaranteed to get them. But he's fixable, as long as you've got the finances. You're lucky to have such an awesome family.

My Bub got attacked by another dog a couple years ago, while in our backyard. It was terrible. I did just what you described-- called the vet at his house, told him I was already in the car on the way to the clinic. He met me there and stitched Bub up that night, only after I took pictures. When I got back to my house I called the police and filed charges. They talked to the owner of the other dog and got them to pay the vet bills. That dog was MEAN and climbed fences. They moved away shortly thereafter, thank goodness.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I thought you were joking and saw the wound...I'm a wimp...

Poor Ollie, but it is nice of you to care for two doggies and share Ollie with someone who will need it.

Ollie can be the official small critter watcher for your friend.

Matthew said...

I gave my dog an extra long pat last night. "You spoil that dog", my wife said. I was thinking about poor old Maverick.

My dog thanks you, by the way.

Missy said...

How sweet you are for taking care of this precious dog! Hope he is feeling happy and secure!

Anonymous said...

Very proud of the the young adult that you have become, my Heather girl!


septembermom said...

That poor little guy! You're his angel, Heather.

Kim said...

I'm so happy your family is supportive with this!!! I had never heard of a dog actually having heartworm - I guess I knew it happened but never a real case. You are a good and kind human. You will make a fantastic mummy to a two legged child someday!!!

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