"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place."
-- Unknown

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend recap: Part II

As promised, here are a few pictures of my precious little cousin:

Adorable, right? I think so.
Also, I didn't realize until I started reading your comments, but I made quite a pig of myself this weekend, didn't I? Looking back at the post, I see references to pizza, Japanese, Italian, Mexican and Krispy Kreme... and I wonder why my body isn't quite swim suit ready this summer!!
And I somehow neglected to tell you about my little run-in with the law yesterday...
Shortly after I got off the interstate in Georgiana, I heard a lovely gagging/yacking noise coming from my backseat (where Toby had previously been napping). In my concern/horror/disgust, I turned around to make sure he was okay, only to see him spewing multiple piles of vomit all over the floorboard. Well, apparently in the short time that I was distracted, the speed limit dropped from 50 to 40 to 35 - and guess who neglected to slow down? Yep.... the Po-Po got me. And he obviously could not have cared less about the multiple piles of yellow puke that were accumulating behind my seat. So on top of scrubbing doggie vomit off my floor mats, I now get to pay a speeding fine. Nice.


Dan said...

I thought that always happened in Georgia - whether you were speeding or not.

Nothing is more distracting than yakking dog behind you. Makes me really glad that Molly doesn't get car sick. She likes to ride with her head on my leg. Yuuuck.

RileyScott said...

Is gald that he doesn't have a dog that yacks in the car any more.

Sorry bout the ticket

sherri said...

The little boy is TOO cute!

I can't believe they gave you a ticket!

That's an advantage of a small town. If the Popo knows you to be a decent person, you get a warning. Or many warnings, or nothing at all if it is a minor violation.

Dan Felstead said...

Heather...WOW...sounds like you crammed a lot into just a couple of days! Yes..Dean is a cutie! Glad you got back safe even if it came with a ticket...Kind of a jerk policeman if you ask me...you even had the evidence in the back seat!


Dani said...

Eeew! That stinks! Do you think he got carsick or something?

Cute cousin!

Diane said...

Dog vomit. Been there. Cleaned it up. Ick.

Dean is TOO, TOO cute!

Trudy said...

Oh, that seems unfair...that cop should have had a little sympathy for you and poor little Toby too!

I'd find a good dog-loving judge and contest in court!

Jessica said...

He was clearly not a dog lover huh? You can't trust those types of people!
Sounds like you had a *much deserved* fantastic weekend. Complete with that ADORABLE little nephew!

Missy said...

He is so cute! He just made my uterus skip a beat! LOL

septembermom said...

Oh, too bad about the ticket. Wish the cop was more understanding. Hope Toby felt better at least after that :) Cute, cute pictures of your cousin!!

Kim said...

TERRIBLE!! I hope the fine wasn't too much. I also hope poor Toby is okay. When our dog Judge was small (he passed away a few months before Deaglan was born) he used to always surprise us with a poop in the back seat just when we'd least expect it while driving on a busy highway.

Your cousin is absolutely smoochable!!

Jenners said...

I was getting pretty hungry (yummy ... Krispy Kreme with the HOT sign) until I started reading about Toby's puking. Gross!!! I can't believe a canine projective vomiting did not get you out of a speeding ticket.

It sounds like a fabulous weekend ... I can see why you miss it.

And your cousin is a little cutie!

Anonymous said...

What a way to end a great weekend. Poor Toby! Poor you!

Glad you got to see Jen and Dean. He obviously enjoyed your visit. Look at that sweet smile.


H.K. said...

What a way to end a great weekend, a sick dog and a speeding ticket!

Your little cousin is sooooo cute, he's got the kind of cheeks you want to squeeze!

p.huong said...

Aw, he's got the chubbiest cheeks!

Sorry about your ticket. In LA, it's all about luck. One time the cop didn't buy our excuse, well we had none. Then another time, it felt like a cop pulled us over just to give us a hard time and let us go with a warning.

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