"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place."
-- Unknown

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Someone thinks I'm sweet as sugar

Well, apparently my lack of posting has been noticed…. In fact, I’ve just received an award because of it. Now, Scarlethue, I appreciate the gesture, but are you sure rewarding me for my absence is really the way to go? I guess it’s kind of like positive reinforcement, though. “Here, have this award… but you’ll have to actually write a blog post to accept it. Gotcha!”

But I do appreciate this little gem:

Now, I suppose I’m obligated to tell you ten (more) things about myself. I think I’m running out of information – I’ve told you guys almost all there is to know! But I’ll see if I can squeeze out a little more.

  • I’m sick. And not just sick in the head… like really sick. I can’t breath, my voice sounds crappy and my chest feels like someone is sitting on it. I guess this is when most people go to the doctor… Instead, I’ve self medicated with enough Mucinex to drug a horse.

  • My purse was stolen a few weeks ago. Sad but true. And I made it super easy for the blasted thief, too. Genius here left her purse on the floorboard of her unlocked car. Luckily, my debt card and driver’s license were in my ID holder on my keychain, which was in my pocket. Still, they got my checkbook, a few prescription drugs, my bottle of Burberry Brit Red, my camera and my old iPod (THANK GOD it wasn’t my pretty new 32 gig baby. I would have been sick.) OH, and it was my very favorite purple crocodile Nine West purse. My heart still hurts a little.
  • I’m currently addicted to this diva:

I mean, seriously. Check out that album cover. It’s straight up glam-rock. 80’s style. The songs are catchy, upbeat and they make me want to dance.

  • I loathe the cold. I know I don’t have it near as bad as Diane, Andy or Jenners who are all battling some MAJOR winter weather right now, but this southern girl is pretty miserable in any temperature below about 65. Right now, it’s 41 with a wind chill of 32. We have a 70 percent chance of snow on Friday. SNOW. In Andalusia… Y’all, I live 20 minutes north of Florida. The Sunshine State. What’s up with the arctic wind that’s drying out my skin and chapping my lips?

  • I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my mind, as is evidenced by the fact that I recently ordered Beachbody’s Insanity workout program. It’s 60 days of crazy hard, fast paced torture. I’m going to start it as soon as I beat this nasty cold. Pray for me.

  • I got my hair cut last week for the first time in over a year. Yes, you read that right. Scissors had not touched my very damaged hair in close to 14 months. Because the LAST time I got a hair cut, I was a little traumatized. Check out this whack job from last fall (as in Fall of 2008):

Now, this is my hair a few weeks ago:

See how long it had grown? I was so proud. I wanted to keep the length, but add a little sumpthin’ sumpthin’. This isn’t a great picture (I don’t know why it’s so grainy?), but here’s my hair now:

You can’t really tell from this picture, but I have side bangs and layers now. I’m kind of loving it.

  • I have an unhealthy addiction to Lay’s Kettle Cooked Jalapeno chips. They’re crunchy and delicious. And I could probably eat an entire bag in one sitting. Right… did I mention that I ordered a crazy hard workout program? I need it. I blame the chips.
  • I’m wearing Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal while I type this post. I have a thing about teeth. My teeth are actually pretty white, as is. I just want to be sure they stay that way. I drink a lot of coffee and diet Coke and always stress that my teeth are going to get discolored. I don’t know about y’all, but one of the first things I notice about someone is their smile (right after their eyes). I just want to be sure mine stays presentable.
  • I don’t understand people who can’t branch outside their normal clique. I’ve always had a wide variety of friends, spread over several different groups. It’s great, but the problem arises when I’d like to do something with ALL of them, but they don’t get along with each other. Then I have to decide who to hang out with and I get accused of picking favorites. We’re adults, people. Why can’t we all just get along?
  • I sorta maybe have a Valentine… maybe more than a Valentine, as that is kind of limited to one day. Details later…

Well, there you have it – ten more random things about me. And now to pass the love along.

I’m going to give the Sugar Doll award to Brunch at Saks… because she is definitely a doll. And she posts some of the prettiest, sweetest things you’ll ever see.


~jill said...

love Adam Lambert!

man, your hair grows really fast!

sorry about your purse...that sucks big time!

it's nice to see you back in blogland!

scarlethue said...

Gotcha :)

Love the side bangs, btw.

Jen L. said...

Feel better, doll. I had it a couple of weeks ago. It took massive antibiotics to clear mine up, so see the dr. if you need to. Love your hair! I remember the hair butchery of 2008. This is better.;)

Christopher said...

You can't catch anything over the internet can you?

Jared said...

If you're judging people by the whiteness of their teeth, then you shouldn't ever talk to me again.

Jenners said...

You are as sweet as sugar ... especially in that cute new hairdo!!!

And do those whitening things really work? My Little One told me "Your teeth look rotten Mommy." Perhaps I could use them too.

Lacey said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! And I'm already feeling for you on that INSANE workout, haha. (I'm still limping over here... from LAST THURSDAY.)

Oh, and that SUCKS about your purse! Waaaaah! But at least your hair is rockin'!

Constantin said...

Hot tea, honey and lemons!
That's how I fix myself when I have a cold.
Let us know how the exercising program will go.
Take care, Heather!

Diane said...

Love the hair!

I burst out laughing when I read the part about your purse. Wait. I wasn't laughing that your purse was stolen! I was laughing because you typed 'debt card' instead of 'debit card'! Heh heh... of course, that's what mine is... hmmm... yeah... not so funny now...

Trudy said...

What a fun post Heather...I love this! Sorry you aren't feeling well, but hopefully you're better by now, since I'm so late reading this post! Sorry about the purse too, that stinks...but good you had the id and debit card for sure!

Hair is adorable!

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